What is Transcendental Healing?

What is Transcendental Healing?

Every  particle of every bit of matter is constantly vibrating. When all the particles of a system ( for example, the human body ) are vibrating in unison ( or resonance ), the system is healthy.
The idea of Transcendental Healing is to restore resonance in the client's system. During the session, the practitioner holds his hands in a very special position close to client's body without touching it. With the hands in that position, the practitioner shares with the client a resonating force, bringing peace and harmony into client's system and therefore helping client to unleash his own inner healing resources.

The practitioner shall never influence, manipulate or invade in any other form into this process. This method is totally safe for both client and practitioner.
How was Transcendental Healing discovered?

Nine years ago Mark attended a presentation by one of his colleagues at an expo. He was demonstrating a powerful healing technique involving placing his hands over a patient’s forehead in a circular position. Doing so generated tremendous energy, so much he even let everyone at the presentation feel the energy his hands were radiating.
Mark was so impressed that he tried to imitate this gesture in working with his own clients. Though Mark was already a Reiki Master, he was unable to get any positive feedback from his clients using this new technique.

It wasn’t until years later Mark realized the specific hand position used to generate such healing energy was unique with each person. A course in Transcendental Meditation revealed to Mark why this was so. And subsequently, he discovered his own hand position.

After a couple more years, Mark developed the method of locating hand positions for all his students.
How is Transcendental Healing different from Reiki?

Though both healing arts share the same elements, the resonating force of Transcendental Healing tends to be much stronger and more powerful than the force generated by Reiki. 
How long does it take to master Transcendental Healing?

Transcendental Healing is very easy to learn.
A student may participate in a 2-day workshop which covers in great detail all the aspects of the technique, or a 2 hour workshop which is limited to a brief overview. In both workshops Mark will locate the hand position to every one of the attending students.

What are some examples of how Transcendental Healing has healed people?

One of the most extreme examples was a woman with pain in her knees, so severe she could barely walk. After just one session with Mark she was pain free and walking. Mark followed up with her a week later and she was fine.
Another example involved a woman confined to a nursing home with a severe form of Dementia. After a session of Transcendental Healing, her brain was able to function, and she was even able to smile.

How does the client feel during and after a session?

During the session most of clients feel very calm, relaxed and comfortable. On some occasions they feel an intense energy movement. These movements represent a needed energy shift caused by client's own inner wisdom. 
How long does a session take?

Generally the length of a session, including pre and post conversation, is 50-60 minutes. The healing session alone lasts approximately 40-45 minutes.
To schedule a healing session with Mark Levin, or to learn the technique of Transcendental Healing, contact Mark. 


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