What is Transcendental Healing?

" Mark seems to have a sixth sense about him. He had cured my headache as well  a knee problem. After one session, he was able to heal my pain for a good couple of week. The value in that alone is worth so much."

Susan Morehead
Lodi, NJ

" In almost thirty years of exploration in alternative healing Mark is the most efficacious, compassionate, scrupulous healer I've had the blessing of encountering.  Whatever the physical symptoms whether a toothache, lack of energy, to even move a stroke patient's leg from paralysis somehow he has that ability to re-balance the energy aright.
I recommend wholeheartedly to anyone who's looking for alleviance from whatever their current challenge is. Somehow just written words don't seem to do him justice."
Blessings of Light and Healing,

"There was a definite shift today. My joints and foot (were) not as painful. I was
peaceful and things flowed smoothly. Now I just need to contend with the MD and
get started on a serious plan to lower my cholesterol and not take any drugs!

Thanks so much."

 Remote client from California

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